Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Trends

Fashion is an ever changing industry and if you want to look on point all year around, it’s important that you keep up to date with what clothing is popular. With a brand new year upon us, let’s explore what the Spring/Summer 2017 fashion trends will be. Knowing what to wear will not only mean you look good, it will vastly improve your confidence.


1. Yellow

The color yellow is set to be so big in the warmer months so embrace this and stand out wherever you go. Big yellow maxi dresses are going to be particularly popular, so make sure you get yourself a statement piece for your wardrobe. You might think that you cannot pull off yellow but there are many different shades that suit all kinds of people so just explore what is out there.


2. Single shoulder cut outs

2016 was the year of the double cold shoulder look but 2017 is the year of just one. A cut out shoulder on tops and dresses looks cute and unique. This is a trend that is going to be popular this year so don’t be afraid to show a little skin in quite an unusual place!


3. White shirt dresses

Shirt dresses is something that never quite hits the mark in my opinion but this year is set to change all of that. White shirt dresses are going to be EVERYWHERE this Summer. It’s such a simple but pretty look that can be worn at the beach during the day time or at night to a barbeque with friends!


4. Waist cinchers

All women want a shapely figure and by embracing the waist cinching look that it going to hit the catwalk later this year, you can definitely get it! You do not have to extreme diet or go through surgery to get the waist you have always wanted thanks to this popular trend. Wearing waist cinchers over your clothes is going to be popular, so you can show off your figure at all times.


5. Mini bags

Remember when oversized bags were trendy? Bags so big that they were almost the same size as you! Well this year the opposite is coming around. Tiny bags might not be able to hold much but they definitely look good which is always a plus! An excuse to shop for a new bag is always good so get out there and buy yourself a mini one.


6. Florals

I don’t just mean a floral skirt or top (which is always cute) I mean head to toe florals! Whether it be a long dress or a suit, floral patterns are hitting fashion in a big way in 2017. This darish look is definitely a brave one but give it a try and you can guarantee that all eyes will be on you.



Now that you know what are going to be gracing the catwalks and the stores this Spring/Summer, what are you waiting for? Buy some amazing pieces that the best supermodels would be happy to be seen in. Keeping up to date with fashion means that you will look a million dollars wherever you go.