Language of Desire Review: Is it Worth the $47 or a Scam?

Considering the numerous frauds around the internet, you should be cautious when spending your hard-earned money. My review contains in-depth research on what you get from the course as well as feedback from users. It not only concentrates on the eBook, but it also reviews other elements of the course, including the benefits you get from the membership area. You SHOULD NOT sign up for this course before reading my review.

Language of desire reviews

For most of us, sex is considered an essential part of any relationship. When you no longer have as much sex as you used to, it could mean two things. Either your man is no longer fulfilling your sexual need, or he no longer finds you as enticing as he used to. Most women think that as long as they protect their man from the clutches of other women, the passion in the bedroom will never wane. However, the digital age brings new challenges to relationships.

Felicity Keith found that out the hard way. Her sex life with her man had been waning for a while, and she wanted to rekindle her man’s desire. She decided to spice things up by coming home early to surprise him with a spontaneous tat-a-tat only to find him watching porn. Her self-esteem was shattered. She wondered what porn was offering him that she could not deliver.

She decided to understand men’s psychology from a sexual perspective. She wanted to make sure that she would be able to turn men on whenever she pleased to deter them from seeking sexual gratification elsewhere.

You can watch the video presentation here.



What do you get from this review?

In my review, you will get to know the following details to make a conscious decision on whether or not Language of Desire is the book for you?

  • You will get to understand what the LoD is about
  • You will get a review of the course modules that are offered
  • You will get a summary of some of the techniques used
  • You will get insight into the free bonuses included in the offering
  • You will learn about the authors and their journey to the discovery of these sexual techniques
  • I will review not only the positive but also the negative feedback from users


What is the LoD (Language of Desire)?

When I first came across Language of Desire, I thought that it was just a guide to dirty talking in the bedroom, but boy was I wrong. LoD is instead an all-inclusive program that aims to help you get the necessary skills to reignite the lost flame of passion between you and your mate. The authors aim at ensuring that you understand sensual secrets that will satisfy your husband, boyfriend or even the occasional one-night stand. You will understand the subtle art of massaging your man’s mental G-spot and satisfying his sexual fantasies.

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The membership area is a treasure trove of information that specifically looks at not only what makes your man tick but what makes you tick as well. Sexual satisfaction is a tango for two, and you should both be satisfied by the experience. Most women find the amount of information daunting, but once you start you will find that the delivery is simple and direct.


Who is the Language of Desire Author?

The program was created by Felicity Keith. You may be questioning why you have never heard of her before. It might be because she is neither a psychologist nor a guru. She is just an ordinary 42-year-old mother. Before you start questioning her credibility, understand that this is a blessing in disguise. She is an ordinary woman like you who faced the same problems in her relationships. She does not use fancy medical or scientific jargon to claim she is correct. Instead, she presents information she has used in her life in a way every woman would understand.

Her co-author is Michael Fiore, who is a renowned relationship expert, who has authored bestsellers like The Secret Survey and Text Your Ex Back. Fiore provided the publishing and marketing of the book, but Keith was the one who did the research and created the book.


How is the LoD course organized?

The membership area is subdivided into ten modules, and each of the modules is subdivided into four or five subsections with a worksheet that can guide you on what sections you have already read. Even though Keith advises you to follow the modules, you do have the freedom to jump to whatever module or subsection that is relevant to your relationship.

The modules combine sexual psychology with brain chemistry to understand why men watch pornography as well as how you can become the center of your man’s affection and desire. The program no only looks at sex, but it delves into other components that build a successful relationship. You will be able to understand both you and your man’s psyche to understand how to make both of you feel desirable.

Most programs like LoD are limited to the computer, but I was astounded to discover that I could access the course modules on my phone. Considering there is an audio option in each section, it was quite easy to go through a subsection during my daily commute. Felicity Keith went out of her way to create a program that was detailed, but flexible enough to go through at my convenience.


What are the bonuses offered?

Apart from the detailed program, Felicity Keith offers three bonuses that you can use to improve your relationship.


1. Texting Dirty: The Good Girl’s Guide

Texting is now a way of life, and this book gives you insight on how to write a raunchy text that will light up your man’s eyes wherever he is. There are 200 prewritten messages that you can use to build up his desire for you even before he gets home.



2. Silent Seduction

Silent Seduction provides insight into the subtle erotic body language that will grab his attention without even try. Master the silent seductive art of the wink and head tilt that your man will find irresistible.


3. Unstoppable Confidence

This is a bonus from co-author Michael Fiore. Unstoppable Confidence is a 90-minute audio can boost your confidence when talking to men. It is ideal for shy women shy who want to gain the confidence to express themselves when talking to men.


The price of Language of Desire

You may be wondering what the cost of the LoD program is? Ten modules and three free bonuses might cost you a fortune. However, it is only $47 for a lifetime access to the program. There are no hidden costs like most membership programs. Felicity Keith even promises additional bonuses for members because she is more concerned with sharing information than making a fast buck.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is the LoD target audience?

Whether you are married, single or in a complicated relationship, you can use the information from the Language of Desire to reignite or maintain passion in the bedroom.

If you are single and dating, LoD techniques can be used to make yourself irresistible to the man you want to date. If you are in a long-term relationship, you can use the LoD teqniques to ensure that your man only has eyes for you. LoD is particularly useful in relationships where the sexual passion has waned. It can rekindle the excitement and sexual anticipation that your man had for you. Essentially, LoD was written for all women, regardless of the stage of their relationship, who want to ensure sex never fizzles out.


2. What is contained in the main eBook?

Due to copyright issues, I cannot reveal the exact details in the book, but here is an outline of the ten modules:



You will learn about Felicity Keith and her story. She will give you information on how she did research and how effective the techniques in the book are.


Becoming a sexual superwoman

You will learn about the fear most women have about being labeled a slut, how to show your naughty side while maintaining dignity. It is ideal for the self-conscious and reserved woman who wants to get out of her shell. It teaches you how to use the Madonna moan to spice up your sex life.


Loving man’s best friend

This module helps you understand how the male sexual drive differs from a woman’s sexual drive. You will learn about how to rethink porn by tackling female misconceptions and showing you how to use porn to your advantage. It teaches you the porn destroyer technique that will wean your man from porn completely.


Brain Chemistry and Sex

Felicity will explain to you how oxytocin and dopamine play a role in sex. At this point, she will introduce some advanced sexual techniques such as Pavlov’s Erection, Cuddle Hormone and Sexual Singularity that can instantly arouse your man.


Erotic Action Movie

Through examples, Felicity will show you how to incorporate roleplay to your sex life to maintain the passion in your sex life.


Desire Intensifiers

In this module, Felicity will teach you simple methods or techniques that you can use to build sexual tension during the day for a more sensual experience when you get home. She addressed the use of techniques like the Verbal Viagra, Oral Intensifier and Tease Intensifier.


Upgrading your relationship status

This module is suited for the women who needs help in identifying and getting Mr. Right to commit to a long-term relationship. You will learn some tricks of getting him to take you from the friend-zone to his ultimate fantasy girl. Those in long-term relationships will learn how to get him to remain monogamous in a world full of sexual temptation.


Get your fantasies met

This module will teach you subtle ways to plant your fantasies into his mind. Like Inception, he will not even realize you are the one who planted the idea in his mind. You will learn how to use Erotic Telepathy and Lust Mirror techniques to get your personal fantasies fulfilled.


When sex is not possible

This module uses techniques, like the Invisible Chastity Belt and No Touch Lay, to keep the spark alive when you cannot have sex due to distance or medical issues.


Dirty talk Mastery

Sometimes you will come across the ‘cold fish’ man, and the typical seduction techniques will not work. This module helps you refine some of the techniques to overcome objections from this hard to get man.


3. Can I get my money back?

If you are not satisfied with the program, you can get your money back within 60 days. The guarantee protects your purchase. It also shows that LoD is not a scam.


4. How secure is my purchase and are there any discounts?

Your purchase is secured by advanced encryption technology. The product website uses Thawte and VeriSign to protect your financial information from phishers and hackers. However, there are no coupons or discounts for the product. No one should mislead you that you can get a better deal. However, visiting the webpage will give you access to ten free texts that you can try.


5. Are there any other programs similar to this one?

There are always alternative programs on the market. However, it is difficult to distinguish between the good ones and the bad ones. The most reputable ones that are similar to Felicity Keith’s LoD are Kelsey Diamond’s Obsessional Phrases and Devian Day’s Dirty Dialogue. However, LoD seems to be a bit more comprehensive that these close alternatives.


6. Does LoD work?

It was hard to believe, but all of Felicity Keith’s techniques are based on actual psychological evidence. Researchers found that people who are more open to talk about sex enjoy sex more than those who rarely talk about it. Another study found that willingness to communicate before and during sex leads to a more sensual fulfilling sexual experience. They also found that those who feel apprehensive about sex have a lower desire and satisfaction from sex.

One landmark study found that when couples are willing to engage each other with their desires and needs during the day, had better relationships and greater satisfaction during sex. Even her insight on brain chemistry is based on scientific facts.


What are the pros and cons of LoD?

Like any program, there are positives and negatives. Some pros that I can highlight are:

a. How Felicity Keith’s story is evident in the entire program.

b. You can go through the modules using your phone. This was quite useful during my daily commute.

c. There are many examples to ensure that you fully understand what the author is articulating.

d. Felicity Keith was not afraid to address the specific sexual aspects that most other programs skim past.

e. The program has been designed for all women, regardless of age or the type of relationship they have.

f. The lifetime membership is a plus, and you should expect more bonuses from Felicity Keith.


Despite the benefits, there are some issues that I had with the program.

a. Some of the dirty talk examples are a bit over the top.

b. Some techniques are a bit too bold for shy women to try, but I guess that is the reason for the self-confidence bonus.

c. Would like to see a male version of the program.


User Feedback

There seems to be a lot of positive feedback from different sources. Here is a small sample of the feedback across different platform.


1. YouTube

This is a very recent review by a 36-year-old woman explaining how effective the LoD program has been to her.


2. Official website reviews


3. Online reviews

Interestingly, the majority of the reviews on Yahoo or Google showed that even the skeptics who had tried the LoD were praising its effectiveness. Many of them liked the systematic approach that Felicity Keith uses to ensure that her audience understands everything.


My Verdict

I have reviewed a myriad of similar programs over the year. Most of them are only eBooks or audio-books. However, Felicity Keith’s LoD is a lot more comprehensive. It is not a typical dirty texting book. It goes much further by analyzing the male psyche and provides realistic solutions to the problems women face.

Visit the official site of “Language of Desire” here to get the lowest price.



-How Felicity Keith’s story is evident in the entire program.

-You can go through the modules using your phone. This was quite useful during my daily commute.

-There are many examples to ensure that you fully understand what the author is articulating.

-Felicity Keith was not afraid to address the specific sexual aspects that most other programs skim past.

-The program has been designed for all women, regardless of age or the type of relationship they have.

-The lifetime membership is a plus, and you should expect more bonuses from Felicity Keith.


-Some of the dirty talk examples are a bit over the top.

-Some techniques are a bit too bold for shy women to try, but I guess that is the reason for the self-confidence bonus.

-I would want to see a male version of the program.

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