Homemade Pregnancy Tests With Salt And Sugar

Pregnancy tests are an essential part of having an active sexual life. Being able to tell if you are pregnant or not is necessary to your health. Unfortunately pregnancy tests are expensive. Several at home options have been found for pregnancy tests to help.

Today we are going to talk about two homemade pregnancy tests in particular, salt and sugar. These have been around for a long time.

pregnacy test with salt & sugar


Salt For Pregnancy Testing

You already have salt at home so it makes for a great option when testing for pregnancy. Many people believe that salt is one of the most reliable at home pregnancy tests and it is a simple procedure.

What To Do?

First thing in the morning you are going to want to pee into a glass container. Make sure the container is both thoroughly washed and dried to prevent error in the test.

After you have a container with urine in it, put about two pinches of salt into the container. The test does not require a lot of salt, part of what makes it so popular.

How To Read The Results

If you are not pregnant the solution will not alter appearance at all. A positive test on the other hand will start to become milky. Some people also describe the appearance as “cheesy”.

Sugar For Pregnancy Testing

Sugar is another common household item that you can use to perform a pregnancy test. The reason it didn’t get the number one spot in the list is that salt is even more common.

A sugar test is not quite as accurate as a salt test but it can be used to help verify a salt test or if you do not have any salt at home. One important thing to note is that a sugar test will not work at early stages of pregnancy. Another reason why it isn’t as popular as the salt test.

What To Do?

Take a sample of urine in the morning in a cup that has been cleaned and dried. In a separate plastic cup you are going to want to place a small amount of fine sugar. Once the sugar is in place, mix in the urine.

Make sure that your container is clear so that you can see though it.

How To Read The Results

A positive test will be shown by sugar clumping together in the urine. On the other hand, a negative test will be shown by the sugar dissolving. The test works due to the chemical changes of ruin during pregnancy.

Other Homemade Tests To Keep An Eye Out For

There are a number of other at home pregnancy tests that you can use. Here are some others that you might want to keep an eye out for:

  • Soap Pregnancy Test
  • Baking Soda Pregnancy Test
  • Vinegar Pregnancy Test
  • Toothpaste Pregnancy Test
  • Wheat and Barley Pregnancy Test

Accuracy Of Homemade Tests

It should be noted that no home pregnancy test is 100% reliable. Even clinical pregnancy tests are not 100% reliable. Depending on different factors you can get a false positive or a false negative.

People have been using these at home pregnancy tests for ages though and have seen good results. It hasn’t been that long that we had pregnancy sticks or blood tests to determine whether or not you are pregnant. For many people these are still the go to option.

Many professionals urge that you shouldn’t rely on at home tests. This is a decision that you have to make though. People have seen accuracy in these tests.

These two home tests for pregnancy are quite simple and can be done with very little ingredients. They are also easy to perform and easy to dispose of, being very discrete. Next time you consider getting a pregnancy test, you might want to use a cheaper alternative. One that is time tested.