10 Ways to Tie a Scarf Around the Neck

Accessories can make or break an outfit, a scarf in particular can do a lot to transform you into a style queen just like that. There are many different types of scarfs out there however and many ways that you can wear them. The following 10 methods to tie a scarf ensure you will look on trend whatever the occasion.

1. Waterfall scarf knot

For an elegant look with a little more volume
– Hang the scarf over your neck, with one end quite a bit longer than the other.- Loop the smaller half of the scarf once, while letting the longer side dangle free.- Shelter the looped half with the other side of the garment and fit the corner into the loop.- You have your finished look and your scarf should look graceful like a waterfall. If it doesn’t – try again! Practice makes perfect.


2. Infinity scarf wrap

This is quite a cool look that never goes out of fashion
– You will of course need an infinity scarf for this and start by placing it around your waist.- Twirl the scarf to create a number 8.- Loop this around your neck to finish.


3. Knotted necklace

This is not an overly popular technique to tie a scarf but in my opinion, it looks great
– With the scarf loosely around your neck, wrap one half around your hand before pulling it through to make a loose knot.- Take the other end of the scarf before pulling it through the knot, then you should go under and over the loop to finish this technique.


4. Scarf wrap

This basic wrap is how most people tie their scarf and it never goes out of fashion
– Simply wrap the scarf around your neck as many times as you like.


5. Slip knot

This is a quite a popular scarf technique, it looks good and it will keep your neck warm
– Fold the scarf in half and place it around your neck.- Put both of the open ends of the garment into a loop.- Adjust the scarf to your requirements/preferences.


6. Turtle neck

An extra warm scarf tie during those cold months of the year
– Put the scarf over the neck, making sure that one side is longer than the other.- Twirl the scarf around the neck several times in one direction.- Use a simple knot to fix the scarf and use up the remaining material. – Place both loops underneath the scarf to finish off this perfect turtle neck technique.


7. Fake knot

Quite a sophisticated look that is easy to do
– Have the scarf trailing around your neck, take any of the sides and knot it.- Wrap the other end of the garment twice around your neck before fitting it into the knot.- Adjust accordingly for the finished look.


8. Pom pom scarf tie

This is a really cute and innovative look
– Place the scarf around your neck and loop it once.- Tie a knot on the bottom of both scarf ends and adjust if required.


9. Bow scarf knot

For a really feminine look that is not done very often
– Drape the scarf around your neck and make a full circle loop on one side.- Pinch the middle of the loop and wrap the scarf under the loop using the loose end.- Keep pulling the loose end of the scarf around the pinched loop, tie a knot in the middle and there you have your pretty bow!


10. Cowboy tie

This technique is growing in popularity and it looks really cool
– Fold the scarf in half to make a triangle and wrap the scarf from the front.- Bring the trails of the scarf to the front of the triangle and tie a knot.