10 Herbs for Weight Loss with Super Powers

When it comes to weight loss, there can be varying opinions about what is good for you and what is not. Let’s take a look at the following 10 herbs for weight loss that carry super powers. Incorporating as many of these herbs into your daily diet as possible will enormously help you in getting to your goal.

1. Rosemary

Rosemary has been used in medicine and spices for many years but it’s recently been discovered that it can also help with weight loss too. Lipase is an enzyme in the body that breaks down fats and rosemary can actually enhance the activity of lipase.


2. Black Pepper

If you love black pepper on your foods then that’s great but if you don’t, you should learn to love it! It can reduce the level of fat in your blood stream and enhance the adsorption process of nutrients.


3. Cinnamon

There are many dishes you can add cinnamon to for a delicious outcome and this herb can definitely help you to lose weight. This is because it makes you feel full and can also help your body to digest food quicker.


4. Cayenne Pepper

Spicy food in general is going to help you lose weight and cayenne pepper is no different. It will boost your metabolism which will help you burn calories quicker and also make you feel fuller in general.


5. Echinacea

This rare herb is known as a cure with many medical conditions. It makes other herbs flow to the body easier and it also naturally treats kidney and bladder infections, which is vital for weight loss!


6. Valerian

If you emotionally eat, valerian could be the perfect answer for that. You will feel much calmer in general when you start incorporating valerian into your meals, which will mean you will not overeat for comfort which will of course result in weight loss.


7. Gingko Biloba

A herb that you might not have heard of which has superpowers to help you lose weight is called Gingko Biloba. An antioxidant known as flavonoids is found in this herb which is also actually the main compound in green tea (which is a big weight loss product.) In addition to this, gingko biloba will increase your blood flow and therefore boost your metabolism.


8. Garlic

This widely used herb is beneficial in a number of ways including to help you lose weight. It helps to eliminate fat from cells and it is known to boost the bodies metabolism.


9. Ginger

Ginger tastes good when put in a number of different desserts and it works to help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and making you feel fuller for longer.


10. Kratom Tea

Kratom is a herb that acts as an appetite suppressant. Many people have a cup of kratom tea before a meal and most record that they eat much less than what they usually would.



Now that you know the 10 herbs for weight loss with super powers, you can start adding these to meals and seeing results. A combination of the right foods and exercise will help you get where you want to be.