10 Easy Ab Exercises for Women to get a Flat Stomach

You do not have to join a gym to get the body you have always wanted. There are plenty of exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home to get amazing abs. Most of these require no equipment but some require dumbbells which are really cheap to buy in places like Walmart. Build up a solid routine with these 10 easy ab exercises and you will soon be beach body ready.

1. Reverse Crunch

This move will work on your lower abdomen, it’s fairly easy to do and you can increase the repetitions once you get used to the move.
– Lay down on your back, with your knees bent upwards and at a 90 degree angle.- Slowly bring your knees towards your chest, you should feel the pull in your abs.- Smoothly come back to your start position and repeat.


2. Torso Twists

This brings cardio exercises and toning exercises together for an effective move that will help to tone your abs.
– Stand up straight with your feet about shoulder width apart.- Lift up your arms to your sides, bending them at the elbow and lining up your fists with your ears.- Lift your left knee up off the ground and bring your right elbow in to meet it, twisting your torso at the same time.- Return to the start, repeating quickly for around 30 seconds by doing the same on the other side.


3. Side Hip Drop

This move takes some control but once you get the hang of it, you will see some amazing results in your abs and entire middle section.
– Position yourself with your left elbow on the floor and your right arm raised into the air. – Extend your top leg and lift your entire body off the floor except your left leg, which you will bend behind you.- Lower your hips and then lift back up. Do as many of these as you can manage for 30 seconds before switching to the other side.


4. Mountain Climber

This will help you develop a six pack but will also raise your heart rate which will make you burn even more calories.
– Get on the floor in the push-up position, hands and feet on the floor with your body straight.- Bend your right leg and bring it into your chest, straighten it again and do the same with your left leg.- Do this for around 60 seconds as fast as you can, making sure you control the rest of your body.


5. Dumbbell Crossover Punch

You will need a set of dumbbells for this move, this however makes the exercise even more effective for your body.
– Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. – Hold a weight in each hand at your side, your elbows should be touching the ground.- Use your abs to pull your chest off the ground, twist your ribs as you punch with your right hand towards your left knee.- Return to the start and repeat the move on the other side for a complete repetition.


6. Arrow Arm Crunch

Another version of the basic crunch, you can easily fit this into your exercise regime to get those toned abs.
– Lay on your back with your knees slightly bent and open, with your feet on the floor in front of you.- Use your abs to lift your upper body off the ground, bring your arms together and point your hands down between your legs.- Reach to the left, right and then back to the center. Repeat for 30 seconds and repeat as many times as you like.


7. Overhead Reach

This is the final exercise of the 10 where you will need dumbbells, this is an effective move that you should be able to do with ease after some practice.
– With a dumbbell in each hand, lay on the ground with your arms towards the ceiling and your legs extended in front of you.- Keep your left foot on the mat and bring your right toes towards the ceiling.- As you exhale, slowly lower your arms and leg towards the ground, making sure your back stays flat on the ground.- Return to the start position and repeat on the other leg for a full repetition.


8. Scissors

This exercise is also known as a bicycle crunch, it’s a great little move that will help to tone your obliques and complete middle area.
– Lay down straight with your hands behind your head.- Raise your upper body and bring in your right elbow to your left knee before returning to the start and quickly alternating to the other side of the body.- Do this move fast and as many times as you can manage. The more you practice, the better you will get at it.


9. Fingers to toes

This move is pretty easy, making it easy for almost anyone but it’s effective too.
– Lay flat on your back with your legs pointed at the ceiling in a 90 degree angle, your arms should start at your side.- Crunch up slightly from your waist and as you do so, extend your hands towards your toes.- Lower back down and repeat as many times as you want.


10. Front Plank

This is a “hold” that requires a lot of core strength, you should find that you will get better at the plank the more you work out your abs.
– Start on your hands and knees, drop down onto your forearms and kick your leg backwards so that your body is straight. – You should now be on the balls of your feet, with your elbows supporting you.- Hold this for 30 seconds at first but like I said, try to increase this time every time you do the plank.



Now that you know the top 10 easy ab exercises for women to get toned stomach, what are you waiting for? These can be easily fit into your day to day life without taking up too much time. Please remember however that you should also be eating well and incorporating cardiovascular exercise to really enhance your results. You can get the body of your dreams if you just put in the hard work!